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At FEPshop, we bring the latest technology in 3D printing to you with our collection of Asiga 3D printers. These printers are known for their precision, reliability and speed during demanding production applications. Asiga offers a solution to meet all your 3D printing needs.  



Asiga Max
Asiga Pro 4K
Asiga Max X


3D Printers - Asiga Max - RefurbishedAsiga Max – Second Chance
Asiga Pro 4K XL


3D Printers - Asiga Max 2Asiga Max 2

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3D Printers - Asiga UltraAsiga Ultra

Asiga’s 3D printing revolution  

In 2011, Asiga introduced the world’s first LED-based DLP 3D printer, which revolutionized stereolithography on desktop computers. This innovation made high-quality, affordable 3D printing accessible to a wide range of applications. Designed and made in Australia, Asiga continues to innovate with a dedicated team constantly working on product improvements.   


Freedom of materials with Asiga’s 3D printers  

One of the biggest advantages of Asiga 3D printers is the tremendous freedom in material selection. You have access to a wide range of leading materials, allowing you to find the perfect material for every application. This offers unmatched flexibility and possibilities for your production processes.   


Asiga 3D printer models at FEPshop 


Asiga Max 

The Asiga Max is the world’s most advanced DLP 3D printer designed specifically for laboratories. This printer offers exceptional productivity in a small size. With the Asiga Max, you can produce smooth, detailed and high-precision parts. 


Asiga Pro 4K 

The Asiga Pro 4K is an industrial DLP printer that delivers the highest detail on your prints. This printer is designed for production continuity in the most demanding digital production environments. The 4K mode, standard on every Pro 4K, ensures the highest quality and precision for all your projects.   


Asiga Ultra 

The Asiga Ultra is a high-resolution DLP 3D printer ideal for the medical and jewelry industries. This printer makes it possible to produce smooth, detailed and highly accurate parts. The Asiga Ultra is known for its predictability, reliability and smart technology, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. 


Why should you buy a Asiga 3D printer at FEPshop? 

At FEPshop, we understand the importance of reliability and precision in your production processes. That’s why we offer only the best 3D printers, such as the Asiga series. With their continuous innovation, material freedom and high quality, Asiga 3D printers are an investment that pays off in the form of unmatched performance and reliability.   


Find out how Asiga 3D printers can take your production to the next level and order today! Contact us for more information and to find the perfect printer for your needs