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3D Printing Adventures: Exciting Projects for Young Creators

Inspiring projects for kids to work on independently or together with you!

Welcome to the world of 3D printing, where creativity meets innovation!

This webpage is a treasure trove of engaging 3D printing projects designed specifically for kids and sources on the web where you can find more. Whether you’re a young inventor, an aspiring engineer, or just love to create: there is something for everyone. For young kids, just starting their 3D printing adventurers (together with their parents?) and also for Teenagers already on their independent mission.

Flashforge 3D Printed Projects for Kids
Flashforge 3D Printer with Projects for Kids

Dive into the fun with the Lego-compatible Marble Run Project or take control of your playtime with DIY Train Tracks, perfect for little conductors. Love personalization? Try creating Customizable Objects with Your Name on them, making each creation uniquely yours. And let’s not forget the classic – Toys! From action figures to puzzles, the collection of 3D printed toys freely available on the web to print is bound to spark joy and imagination in every child.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and creation with these 3D printed kids’ projects. Let your imagination soar and your creativity shine!

Marble Run Project

This fantastic Marble Run tracks are not really Lego-pieces, but they are certainly Lego-compatible! They are the perfect thing to add to your Lego creations. Make a track as long and complicated as you like with the three different pieces offered in this model!

The model can be printed in PLA with standard settings.

More LEGO related projects on the website Printables can for example be found in this Collection on the site, gathered by user Flood_of_SYNs.

3D printed parts for Lego Marble Run by TC Teo on Printables
3D printed parts for Lego Marble Run by TC Teo on Printables

3D Printers & Materials for Kids


Which kid hasn’t played with the well-known wooden train tracks? Of which you always had one or two parts too little to have the track exactly run in the way you had imagined… No more! Now you can print the missing parts yourselves! This set of tracks is, amongst others, compatible with BRIO and IKEA wooden rails.

The model can be printed in PLA with standard settings.

Your Name on Cool Things!

A Spinner Keychain with your Name!

A cup, a Lego brick, a keychain hanger: with a 3D printer you can print your name on anything! The easiest way of personalizing prints is to print indivdual letters and put them together. Like for example on this keychain in this project on Thingiverse:

Project: Customizable fidget Name keychain spinner

More difficult personalizations

The next step in personalization is when you have to edit your model in order to edit the name on the print. The ” HOW TO” instructions are usually very well described in the projects. Like for example this project:

Project: Customizable fidget Name keychain spinner

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