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Apex Maker X1 vs Phrozen Mega 8K S

Diving into large format resin 3D Printing

Both the Phrozen Mega 8K S and the Apex Maker X1 are formidable contenders in the large format LCD resin 3D printer market, designed for professionals and hobbyists seeking high-quality and large-scale 3D printing capabilities. Here’s a comparison based on their features, performance, and user feedback.

The Differences

  • Screen Size & Resolution: Both printers share a similar high-resolution 8K LCD, but the Apex Maker X1 features a slightly larger screen, which could impact the maximum size of printables directly.
  • Build Volume: The Apex Maker X1 offers a marginally larger build volume, which can be critical for printing larger models or more items at once.
  • Printing Speed: Apex Maker X1 is notably faster, with speeds reaching up to 180 mm/h, thanks to its optimized light source and efficient data handling, which makes it suitable for high-throughput environments​.
  • Advanced Features: The Apex Maker X1 is packed with advanced features like automatic resin feeding, temperature control of the resin vat, and a built-in air purification system, enhancing usability and maintaining quality during extended print jobs.
  • User Interface and Connectivity: Apex Maker X1 also offers more modern connectivity options, including the ability to monitor prints remotely through an HD camera, adding convenience for users who may not always be physically near the printer​.


Phrozen Mega 8K S

Apex-Maker X1

LCD Screen Resolution

8K (7680x4320 pixels)

8K (7680x4320 pixels)

LCD Screen Size

15 inches

16 inches

LCD Pixel Size

43 micron

46 micron

Build Volume

330 x 185 x 400 mm

353 x 198 x 400 mm

Printing Speed

Up to 60mm/h

Up to 180 mm/h

Light Source

ParaLED 3.0

High Energy Light Source (10mW/cm2)

Slicer Compability


ChiTuBox, Lychee, Tango

Additional Features

Integrated drip hanger for buildplate

Full Metal, Automatic resin feeder, Power loss protection, Air filter, Temperature control system

User Interface

3.5" Touchscreen

7" Touchscreen



USB, Wifi, HD Camera


Typically lower then Apex Maker X1

Higher due to professional features

What 3D printer do i need

The choice between the Phrozen Mega 8K S and the Apex Maker X1 should be based on specific needs such as budget, required print volume, speed, and the value of advanced features like remote monitoring and automated environmental controls. The Phrozen is ideal for users looking for a robust, high-detail printer at a lower cost, while the Apex Maker X1 caters to those needing high efficiency and advanced features in professional settings.

If you are looking for a professional large format resin 3D printer don’t forget to a look at the Phrozen Mega 8K v2