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Before you start printing

1: Check resin vat FEP before first use. Place resin vat on some kitchen paper and fill with water. Wait for a few hours and check for water on the kitchen paper. If the kitchen paper is dry, remove water from resin vat and dry it carefully

2: Check LCD projection before printing / dry run

3: Make sure your resin settings are correct

4: Level your buildplate carefully

5: Sand your buildplate when sandpaper when it was supplide with your printer

6: Do not overfill resin vat (about half full)

7: Minimum room temperature for printing depending resin but always >21C

8: Shake resin well before use

9: Do not use metal scraper on your FEP film

10: Remove resin vat from printer when you need to remove a failed print from the resin vat.

11: Make sure your sliced layer height matches the printer set layer height