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Founded in February of 2017, FEPshop BV is a subsidiary of Citoforma BV, holding company for 3D related activities.

At Citoforma we feel that 3D production and innovation will physically reshape the world, and we aspire to be a leading company in that revolution. We do that by making 3D technology and know-how readily availably to people, businesses, the manufacturing industry, and educational & scientific institutions.

FEPshop was founded by Rolf Meijer, engineer and entrepreneur in the Dutch university city of Groningen. In the summer of 2018 marketeer Arjan Yspeert joined the firm to help grow the business side of things.

At the start of 2019 the most prominent expression of Citoforma’s activities is the webshop for resin 3D printing, but behind the scenes a laboratory for 3D innovation is up and running. A third branch of Citoforma is ‘logistics and distribution’ to improve availability and reduce costs of 3D equipment throughout the EU, the US and even back to the far east.

FEPshop is exclusive distributor of several premium brands in the field of resin 3D printing, most notably for the Phrozen brand of printers, for North-Eastern Europe.

In April 2019 Citoforma moves its operations to the premises of Bossers & Cnossen, a well respected ICT firm in the Netherlands and an early investor in Citoforma.

If you need more information, please contact Arjan Yspeert on or by phone +31-6-53252573.

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Citoforma logo
Citoforma logo

Citoforma logo with subtext
Citoforma logo plus text

FEPshop Logo .png
FEPshop logo PNG

FEPshop icon
FEPshop icon

FEPshop Logo Square JPG

fep film, fep sheets
FEPshop really got going selling fep-sheets, a transparant ‘teflon’ film that is used in the resin vat of resin 3D printers


The Phrozen Shuffle line of 3D printers combines a fair price with great print results

3D resin print
Resin 3D printers achieve great results because of high accuracy and very fine detailing

3d dental printing
Typical users of resin 3D print technology are dentist and jewellers

Phrozen resin for 3D printing
In stead of using an extrusion process (melting plastic wires), resin printing uses resin that is solidified by strong LED lighting

Rolf Meijer and Arjan Yspeert
Citoforma CEO Rolf Meijer on the left, with CMO Arjan Yspeert on the right

Citoforma location of business
Offices of Bossers & Cnossen, Wasaweg 3, 9723 JD, Groningen, the Netherlands (place of business Citoforma)