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Magnets not sticking

A few customers are experiencing issues with the Wham Bam flexible build system for resin. They report that the magnets are not sticking correctly. Typically, magnets detaching are 99% due to contaminants on the build plate surface.   If you have a magnet coming off the build plate, there are a few things we would like to point out to make sure your prints will turn out best as possible.

The 3M engineers from WhamBam made a specific adhesive that would  be impervious to the chemicals used in the resin printing as well as alcohol.  However, this specific adhesive works best when bonded to clean bare metal and doesn’t like oils, hardened resin or other contaminants on the surface. So this means, that it is not very good at sticking to:

  1. Dirty surfaces
  2. Cured resin
  3. New plates with cutting oils on them

Therefore, it is very important to prepare your printer well before you start printing. For example it is very important that you prepare the build plate by cleaning it thoroughly with alcohol and sanding it afterwards with sandpaper. Then you will have a nice and clean surface to start your print on.