Every thing to clean your resin 3D prints, resin and 3D printer

FEPshop Disposable Resin filter – 125 micron (10pcs)

FEPshop Resin filter

Anycubic Wash & Cure V2

FEPshop IPA 99%

FEPshop Resin Workstation (Large)

€ 1,-

FEPshop Resin filter with Mini funnel

Wham Bam – Slap Mat – Orange

FEPshop Silicon funnel

€ 30,95

Phrozen Resin Wash 5L

Monocure 3D – ResinAway®

FEPshop Print cleaning filter

FEPshop FEP Cleaning cloth (5pcs)

Funnel Stainless 11CM

Isopropylalcohol (IPA) 4KG

FEPshop Metal Tray – Medium

FEPshop Resin Rinse Bottle

Syringe (50ml)

Measuring Cup (500ml)