Druckwege Resin

DruckWege was founded 2015 by Anton Gillert and Florian Reil. As technics enthusiasts and trained as electrical and mechanical engineers, both discovered 3D printing as uprising technology for themselves 2009. With their first self-built 3D printer, they recognized the advantages of additive manufacturing and the inherent new opportunities that lie in the variety of materials and functions of potential products. Today, DruckWege develops materials for SLA/DLP 3D printers, like high performance resins and the repair kit ReCoat for worn resin containers. Furthermore, DruckWege offers additionally materials and 3D printers.

DruckWege Typ D – Dental Model Plus Beige (0.5KG)

Isopropylalcohol (IPA) 4KG

DruckWege Type D – Dental (0.5KG)

DruckWege Typ D – Gray (2.5KG)

DruckWege Typ D – White (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type S – Beige (1KG)

DruckWege Type D – Gingiva (0.2KG)

DruckWege Type D – Flex (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type D – High Temp (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type D – Tough Gray (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type D – Pro Black (0.5KG)

DruckWege Typ D – Black (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type S – Gray (1KG)

DruckWege Typ D Standard Red 0.5KG

DruckWege Type D Blue 1KG

DruckWege Typ D – Pigment Free (0.5KG)

DruckWege Typ D – Gray (0.5KG)

DruckWege Type S – White (1KG)