3DMakerpro Scanner Seal

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3DMakerpro Scanner Seal is a compact size device, great for scanning detailed models. It is high-accurate, quick scanning, with an anit-shake lenses scanner, and has an amazing price! 

  • Pocket 3D Scanner
  • Incredible Accuracy - 0.01mm
  • Anti-Shake Lenses & Quick Scanning!
  • 24-bit Color Texture
SKU 100044
Brand 3DMakerpro

Product description

3DMakerpro Scanner Seal is a next-generation consumer-grade scanner with groundbreaking optical solutions. The scanner is very accurate, has a great price, and is so small that fits inside the pocket! Seal captures even the tiniest dents, textures, and edges. 

  • amazing accuracy and high resolution  - 0.01mm accuracy, and resolution of 0.05mm. With Seal, you can scan even the smallest details. 
  • 24-bit color depth - texture camera captures lifelike model texture with 16,777,216 colors!
  • smooth scan - smooth scanning with Seal's advanced optical system and JMStudio algorithms
  • anti-shaking lenses - optical stabilization filters out unwanted jitter for smooth,  continuous scanning
  • lightning-fast speed - collecting 100,000 points per second (10FPS)!
  • brilliant in darkness - 9-level light adjustment for versatile scanning in varying colors, materials, and lighting conditions
  • light and quiet - only 200g lightweight design, allows you to scan anywhere you need
  • stable construction - aluminum alloy outer casing material

Technical Specification

  • Accuracy: 0.01mm 
  • Frame Rate: 10fps
  • Resolution: 0.05mm
  • Working Distance: 180~280mm
  • Single Capture Range: 100x75mm
  • Typical Object Sizes: 10-300mm
  • Light Source: Blue Light
  • Color texture: Color textures 24bit
  • Output Formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, ASC
  • USB Interface: USB Type-C
  • Compatible Mobile: Android11, IOS16 (Extended support)
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Size of Scanner: 110mm × 60mm × 35mm

Inside the box

  • 1* Scanner Seal
  • 1* Data Cable
  • 1* PD65W Charger


  • add to it a smart grip or turntable and explore even more with the Seal scanner


Product specifications

Brand 3DMakerpro
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
Size Small
Product application Education, Industrial, Hobby
Accessory Types 3D Scanner
Manufacturer EAN 6975925240609
Scan Area (mm) 100 x 75
Accuracy (μm) 10.00
Point Spacing (mm) 0.0500

Product downloads

User Manual
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