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Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus is a compact solution to store your filaments in the proper conditions to make sure your 3D printer parts have a high-quality surface

  • Adjustable Temperature for up to 12 Types of Filaments
  • Real-Time Humidity Monitoring
  • 2 Roll Capacity Design
  • Compatible with Multiple Diameter Filaments
  • Parameter Power-Off Memory Function
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Brand Creality

Product description

Creality Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus is a great accessory for your printer for storing materials in the correct conditions. Enhance the 3D model quality and minimize the influence of external environmental factors on the printing. This Filament Dryer, version Plus has a place to store at the same time 2 materials, compared to the standard version.

  • dry filament during printing- no more stringing, clogging, poor adhesion, and layer shifting. The quality of prints will improve
  • capacity for 2 spools - can store 2 spools of 1kg each inside at the same time. The dryer is equipped with 4 filament holes and PTFE tubes to dry the filaments simultaneously.
  • adjustable temperature - one-key temperature settings for different filaments, supports up to 12 types of filaments, like PLA-CF, PA-CF, ASA, and more. Temperature can be adjusted between 45°C and 70°C
  • real-time humidity monitoring 
  • drying time setting - the heating duration can be freely set from 0-48 hours, allowing the filaments to be fully dried for better printing results
  • PTC 360° hot-air heatingthe dryer quickly heats with a built-in fan, circulation hot air 360° for uniform heating, effectively drying moisture filaments and improving printing results
  • advanced PTC heating technology - the Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus uses a unique 110W PTC heater. This dryer ensures even drying.
  • parameter power-off memory function - after a power outage, the machine can restart and still remember your previous material and temperature settings
  • LCD 4" touch screen
  • compatible with multiple diameter filaments - 1.75mm and 2.85mm

Technical Specification

  • Model: DB-04
  • Temperature Control Range: 45℃-70℃
  • Input Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 260W
  • Heating Duration: 0-48h
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm - 2.85mm
  • Package Size: 343mm x 226mm x 300mm
  • Net weight: 1900g


  • It is a great match for the Creality K1 Series 3D printers


Product specifications

Brand Creality
Product State New
Promo title Pre-order now
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Size Medium
Accessory Types Filament storage
Manufacturer EAN 6971636402961