FEPshop Razor Blades & Holder

Razor Blades & Holder is a good tool for post-processing. 

  • 1x Holder & 10x Razor Blades
  • To Remove Prints from the Build Platform
SKU 20553
Brand FEPshop

Product description

Razor Blades with Holder is a useful tool for 3D printing process. Use these 38mm razor blades to scrape printed models from the metal build plate. It is available in 2 variants, with metal or plastic razor blades.

Technical Specification

  • Material: Plastic/ Metal
  • Size of Razor Blades: 38mm
  • Amount: 1x Holder/ 10x Razor Blades


Product specifications

Brand FEPshop
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Accessory Types Tools
Type Metal, Plastic