Phrozen Pump & Fill – Sonic Mega 8K (V2/S) & Mighty Revo

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Phrozen Pump & Fill is an automated resin feeder, a great accessory for your Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S Mega 8KV2 and Mighty Revo 3D printers. 

  • Automatic Resin Refill
  • Pumps Back the Resin After Printing
  • Compatible with Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K (V2/S) & Mighty Revo
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Brand Phrozen

Product description

Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder is an additional accessory for the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S, Mega 8K V2, and Mighty Revo to pump and refill resin automatically. The pump detects the resin level and adds more when it reaches the minimum level. 

  • automatically resin refill - it is an automatical system to pump and refill resin
  • detects the resin level - to ensure that there is enough resin to print
  • pumps back the resin - after printing, it pumps back the resin to make cleaning even more efficient
  • easy to use and install

How to Install

  • Remove the baffle at the side of the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S 3D printer and use an Allen wrench to loosen the screws on the machine's surface panel
  • Pass the inlet hose through the hole located on the side of the printer. You can access this hole by removing the baffle, as mentioned in the previous step
  • Using the screws that were removed at the beginning, place and fix the inlet pump onto the surface panel of the printer. Then insert both the servo cable and sensor cable into the machine through the hole in the printer's surface panel. Then, use the Allen wrench to remove the side cover of the printer
  • Connect the servo cable and sensor cable to the printer's mainboard. Make sure to connect both cables to their respective color-coded slots, and then put back the side cover that was removed
  • Place the pump lid into the resin bottle. Then, put the resin bottle into the designated slot on the pump case. Once the bottle is secure, insert the bottle cap infusion tube into the peristaltic tube located on the left side of the pump case
  • Connect the two ends of the lid data cable. Connect one end to the pump lid and the other end to the pump case. Then, insert the inlet hose into the peristaltic tube located on the right side of  the pump case
  • To finish the installation process, connect the pump data cable to the hole on the left rear side of the printer and the slot on the rear side of the pump case

Inside the box

  • Pump Case X1 
  • Pump Lid X1
  • Empty Resin Bottle X1
  • Inlet Component X1 (Including Inlet Hose, Servo Cable, and Sensor Cable)
  • Pump Data Cable X1
  • Lid Data Cable X1
  • Peristaltic Tube X1


  • the Phrozen Pump & Fill is compatible only with Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S, Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K V2, and Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo 3D Printers
  • Compatible bottle height: ≤ 210 mm
  • Compatible bottle diameter: ≤ 90 mm
  • The peristaltic tube is consumable. Please replace it every 6 months.


Product specifications

Brand Phrozen
Product State New
External stock Ships in 2 to 5 weeks
Country Of Origin Taiwan
Size Medium
Accessory Types Others
Manufacturer EAN 9503171773472
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