Syringe for Resin

Syringe is a tool that can be useful for cleaning your resin vat from resin after printing. 

  • Clean Resin Vat from Resin
  • Capacity 50ml or 100ml
SKU 77625
Brand OEM

Product description

A syringe size of 50ml or 100ml  is a tool that you can use while cleaning the resin vat from resin. The Syringe is available in 3 different variants,  50ml with a small or big tip and 100ml 3-piece with a catheter tip.

BD Plastipak syringe 100ml 3-piece with catheter tip 

The Plastipak syringes 100ml from BD (Becton Dickinson) are 3-piece syringes without needles. The syringe is equipped with a rubber cone so that it moves smoothly and leak-free. This Plastipak syringe is equipped with a centric catheter connection. Sterile, individually packaged.

Why buy the Plastipak syringe 100ml?

The syringe has a clear cylinder so you can see the contents. This syringe is also equipped with a sturdy tamper brake that prevents it from being pulled out. The Plastipak syringe also has a spacious finger wing and a rough thumb catch. Does not contain natural rubber latex.

Technical Specification of Plastipak syringe 100ml

  • Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
  • Color: Transparent
  • Contents: 100ml


Product specifications

Brand OEM
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Accessory Types Tools
Size 100 ml, Big + cap, Small