Asiga PlasGRAY V2 1L resin

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Product description


The resin PlasGRAY V2 from Asiga is a material with good mechanical strength propertiesand superior surface finish and detail definition. PlasGRAY offers a super smooth matte surface finish with crisp product detailing.


• Material with excellent mechanical strength and smooth matte surface finish • Precise resin with a layer thickness range from 10 microns

Technical Specification

Color: Gray Glass transition temperature: 84°C Printer compatibility: 385nm and 405nm Tensile strength: 51.1 MPa Elongation at break: 6.58% Elongation at yield: 8.40% Flexural strength: 86.8 MPa Flexural modulus: 1910 MPa Hardness (Shore D): 82 Shore D Viscosity: 343 MPa*s Izod notched-impact: 4.97 kJ/m² Density: 1.181 g/cm³


• Product enclusures • Jigs and fixtures • Miniature model making • RTV moulding • Jewellery design validation

Product specifications

Brand Asiga
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Color Grey
Package Size 1 L
Material Group UV Resin
Industry Art, Manufacturing
Technology DLP
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Standard
Material Application Hobby
Wavelength (nm) 385, 405

Product summary

SKU 82771
Brand Asiga
Industries art, manufacturing
Technologies DLP


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