BASF Support Filament Ultrafuse BVOH – 2.85mm

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  • Water-Soluble
  • Easy & Fast Dissolving 
  • Compatible with Many Materials
SKU 99753
Brand BASF

Product description

BASF Support Filament Ultrafuse BVOH is a water-soluble support filament that has been designed to easily dissolve in water. The solubility is increasing with higher water temperature. It offers great compatibility with a variety of materials: PLA, PRO1, ABS, ABS Fusion+, PA, and PAHT CF15. Store this monofilament in a sealed bag or container to prevent moisture uptake.

  • water-soluble
  • dissolves 2 times faster than PVA 
  • support compatible with multiple materials - PLA/ ABS Fusion+/ TPUs/ PET/ PA/ PAHT CF15
  • very easily dissolving in water
  • for FFF/FDM 3D Printers

Technical Specification

  • Package size: 350g 
  • Density: 1.14 g/cm3
  • Young's Modulus: 2339MPa (XY) and 1426MPa (ZX)
  • Elongation at Break: 14.8% (XY) and 0.6% (ZX)
  • Flexural Strength: 53.8MPa (XY) and 11.4MPa (ZX)
  • Tensile Strength: 33.7MPa (XY) and 8.7MPa (ZX)
  • Nozzle Temp: 190-210℃
  • Bed Temperature: 60-100℃
  • Print Speed: 30-60mm/s

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the filament in a dry place in tightly closed containers
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Brand BASF
Product State New
External stock Ships in 3 to 5 working days
Country Of Origin Germany
Color Natural
Package Size 0.35 KG
Filament Type Soluble
Material Group Filament
Material Types Filaments
Material Properties Water Soluble
Manufacturer EAN 8718969924351
Print temperature (°C) 190-210
Product Weight (g) 350.00
Bed temperature (°C) 60.00