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Product description

BlueCast X-One - ONE resin for ONE thousand applications

  • The first castable resin developed for the new LCD monochromatic generation and DLP printers.
  • Perfect casting results with any kind of investments and burnout cycles. Low temperature burnout compatibility (even if we recommend 750°C last stage, everything is burned out at 680°C)
  • Low temperature melting polymer ensures smooth surface finish and perfect lettering.
  • Extreme accuracy and exceptional detail without shrinkage.
  • No bleeding issue also on LCD machines.
  • The first real meltable resin at low temperature.
  • Excellent dimensional stability in time. No shrinkage (natural shrinkage will be compensated during print making polymer expand chemically).
  • Low viscosity (easier to clean, easier to get back from patterns).
  • Strong adhesion to platform (adhesion layers are exposure layers x4 or even x3), no need to primer.
  • Toxic and carcinogenic component free, Low fumes emission during burnout. Very low VOC and negligible smell.
  • Low fumes emission during burnout
  • Finally, you can cast in any casting house/service every kind of pattern with text, engravings, micropavè etc.
  • You can choice for chemical postcuring (longer washing in alcohol make a chemical reaction with X-One) or for traditional washing and UV oven postcuring. After chemical postcuring the color resin change from dark green to gray/white to permit you to check if the procedure was correct


  • Compatible with monochromatic LCD and DLP printers
  • Castable: Yes
  • Castability: Extreme
  • Compatible with: LCD AND DLP PRINTERS.
  • Before buy please check the printers compatibility.
  • Washing mode and postcuring: Please check the Video tutorial.
  • UV care: Not needed
  • Shrinkage: Negligible
  • Color: Dark green - White after curing
  • Size: 500 gr



Product specifications

Brand BlueCast
Product State New
Country Of Origin Italy
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Castable
Material Application Jewelry

Product summary

SKU 88597
Brand BlueCast


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