BlueCast X10 Customizer

  • Modify your Resin
  • Sharpenizer, Softenizer, and Hardenizer for creating your ideal resin
SKU: 99427
SKU 99427
Brand BlueCast

Product description

BlueCast X10 Customizer is a great product to modify the BlueCast X10 resin properties according to your requirements and help you achieve the best results with a low-light power source LCD printer.  With one resin bottle, you can have the best solution for different applications. Thanks to these Customizers, you can create your ideal resin. 

  • SHARPENIZER – It makes the details crisper. It is strongly suggested for classic jewels. It reduces the Z bleeding. Extreme Details & Sharp Edges.
  • SOFTENIZER – It improves the details and makes the resin flexible for stone settings. Stone setting on resin.
  • HARDENIZER – It helps to print the extreme filigrees, make the resin stiffer, and up the accuracy. It is also suggested for dental applications like dental frames. Extreme Filigree, thin Pipes & Sharp Edges

One additive bottle (50gr is for one resin bottle. If you want to modify less resin the ratio is 1:10.


  • Heat your X10 LCD/DLP Resin. Add contents of X10 customizer bottle. Shake for 3 minutes.

Product specifications

Brand BlueCast
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Country Of Origin Italy
Material Types Other, Resins
Product application Dental, Industrial, Hobby, Jewelry, Medical, Prototyping
Bluecast Customizer Hardenizer