Discount!BlueCast X10 Customizer

BlueCast X10 Customizer is a product to modify the properties of resin BlueCast X10. Thanks to the Customizer, now you can create your perfect resin. 

  • Modify your Resin
  • Sharpenizer, Softenizer, and Hardenizer for creating your ideal resin
SKU 99427
Brand BlueCast

Product description

BlueCast X10 Customizer is a great product to modify the BlueCast X10 resin properties according to your requirements and help you achieve the best results with a low-light power source LCD printer.  With one resin bottle, you can have the best solution for different applications. Thanks to these Customizers, you can create your ideal resin. 

  • SHARPENIZER – It makes the details crisper. It is strongly suggested for classic jewels. It reduces the Z bleeding. Extreme Details & Sharp Edges.
  • SOFTENIZER – It improves the details and makes the resin flexible for stone settings. Stone setting on resin.
  • HARDENIZER – It helps to print the extreme filigrees, make the resin stiffer, and up the accuracy. It is also suggested for dental applications like dental frames. Extreme Filigree, thin Pipes & Sharp Edges

One additive bottle (50gr is for one resin bottle. If you want to modify less resin the ratio is 1:10.


  • Heat your X10 LCD/DLP Resin. Add contents of X10 customizer bottle. Shake for 3 minutes.


Product specifications

Brand BlueCast
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Promo title Discount
Country Of Origin Italy
Material Types Other, Resins
Product application Dental, Industrial, Hobby, Jewelry, Medical, Prototyping
Bluecast Customizer Hardenizer, Sharpenizer, Softenizer