DruckWege Colors

DruckWege Colors is a pigment that is available in 5 colors, easy to use for making the unique colors of the resins. 

  • Create your own resins
  • Mix & Match colors
  • Easy to use
SKU 99650
Brand DruckWege

Product description

DruckWege Colors you can buy separately now! Choose which pigment you need and create your own resin colors! Available pigments in white, black, red, blue, and yellow colors. DruckWege Color comes in a syringe for easy use. 

  • create your own colors
  • easy to use
  • choose the pigment that you need
  • available in black, white, red, blue, and yellow color
  • Technical Specification

    • Package size: 3ml per 1 syring
    • Available Colors: blue, red, yellow, white, and black

    Safety Rules

    • Make sure to store the product in dark and room temperature
    • Always wear protective gloves during working with the product
    • Carefully and slowly drip the pigment into the resin and mix well until you receive the desired color
    • Adding too much pigment can result in slower curing times
    • Works best with white or clear resin


    Product specifications

    Brand DruckWege
    Product State New
    Material Group UV Resin
    External stock Ships next working day
    Country Of Origin The Netherlands
    Material Types Other, Resins
    Material Properties Standard
    Resin for DLP, LCD, Mono LCD, SLA
    Product application DIY
    Color Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow
    Package Size 3 ml
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