Henkel/Loctite 3D Resin 3818 – Black (1L)

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Henkel/Loctite  3D Resin 3818 is a rigid material with a high resolution and great print accuracy. The resin is ideal for general prototyping and engineering parts.

  • High Accuracy
  • Rigid Resin
  • For General Prototyping
  • For SLA and DLP 3D Printers

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SKU 85512
Brand Henkel/Loctite

Product description

Henkel/Loctite 3D Resin 3818 High Accuracy in the color Black is a fast printing, rigid photopolymer, and can be printed with very high-resolution features (50 µm). Formulated with exceptional surface finish, low warpage, and extremely high print accuracy, this product is perfect for printing accurate prototypes. This product can be easily painted, sanded, or machined for further finishing. Ideal for manufacturing, engineering parts, and art. The resin is dedicated to SLA and DLP 3D printers. 

  • high accuracy
  • rigid material
  • fast printing
  • ideal for general prototyping
  • for SLA and DLP 3D Printers - the formula shows a limited path forward for LCD projector printers at this time.

Technical Specification

  • Volume: 1L
  • Viscosity: 540 ± 80 cP
  • Surface Hardness: 60 Shore D
  • Tensile Strength at Break: 56.9 ± 3 MPa
  • EAB: 8.7 ± 1 %
  • Young’s Modulus: 2.165 ± 69 MPa

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the resin in dark and room temperature
  • Always wear protective gloves during working with resin
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Brand Henkel/Loctite
Color Black
Product State New
Country Of Origin United States of America
Package Size 1 L
Material Group UV Resin
Material Types Resins
Resin Wavelength (nm) 405
Material Properties Low Shrinkage, Precise, Rigid
Resin for DLP, SLA
Product application Education, Industrial, Prototyping
Manufacturer EAN 4058093028391
XY Resolution (micron) 50.00
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