Mayku Resin Sheets 1.5mm – 20 pack

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  • Resin Sheets
  • Food Safe
  • For Custom Molds For Casting Resin
  • Durable Long-Life Molds
SKU 99571
Brand Mayku

Product description

Mayku Resin Sheets 1.5mm are translucent, milky-colored sheets made of low-density polyethylene. Designed specifically for making custom molds for casting resin. These sheets can also be used for prototyping, model-making, and casting a world of other materials.

  • non-stick surface
  • for use with Mayku Heat Shield
  • durable long-life molds
  • food safe
  • professional mold making
  • flexible for easy removal
  • for Mayku FormBox

Technical Specification

  • Color: Translucent, Milky-Color
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Package Size: 20 sheets


  • A Mayku Heat Shield is essential for Resin Sheets to ensure a consistent heating experience


Product specifications

Brand Mayku
Product State New
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Color White
External stock Ships in 3 to 5 working days
Material Types Form sheets
Machine Serie Mayku Formbox
Machine Model Mayku Formbox
Manufacturer EAN 5060578580088