MonoCure 3D Standard Resin

SKU: 2954

Product description

All Monocure 3D resins have a very wide range of reactivity, UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any UV light source can be used to initiate the polymerisation process of our resins. Our standard & coloured resins have been tested with a 'Shore D Hardness Durometer' and have a rating of 70. (A hard hat has a rating of 80) The Viscosity of our standard & coloured resin is 500 - 600cps @ 25°C (Brookfield RVT). All our resins have a low odour, have zero VOC emissions and display very low shrinkage properties Please store Monocure 3D resin in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight.

Product specifications

Brand Monocure 3D
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Country Of Origin Australia
Industry Art
Technology mSLA(LCD)
Wavelength (nm) 225, 365, 385, 395, 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Standard
Material Application Hobby
Color Grey
Package Size 500 ml

Product summary

SKU 2954
Brand Monocure 3D
Industries art
Technologies mSLA


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