Phrozen Castable Resin W40 Orange

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Product description

Phrozen Castable Resin W40 Orange is developed for reliable casting with clean burnout and zero ash content. It is designed for both jewelry and dental casting, specifically large organic statement pieces, such as signet, school ring, or bracelets that have a wide range of design elements like engravings and raised details..


  • 40% wax content.
  • Formulated for casting medium to large pieces.
  • Low shrinkage, high precision. Smooth and crisp surface finishing.
  • With a minimal number of gates, you can easily cast anything you desire. Set up your printed models and clean up casted 3D models effortlessly.
  • No foul/strong odor

  • Quantity: 500g per bottle
  • Recommended layer height: 50 um
  • Verified clean burnout with these investments: "Prestige Optima", "Plasticast" and "Ultravest Maxx"
  • Surface hardness: Shore D 45-50
  • Ash content: 0.0-0.1% (ASTM E1131; TGA)

Product specifications

Brand Phrozen
Product State New
Country Of Origin Taiwan
Color Orange
Package Size 0.5 KG
Material Group UV Resin
Promo title New
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Castable
Material Application Jewelry
Wavelength (nm) 405
Resin for LCD, Mono LCD
Manufacturer EAN 9508126795226

Product summary

SKU 99367
Brand Phrozen


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