Epax LCD 8.9″ 4K Mono Upgrade -X10

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  • Epax Spare Parts - upgrade LCD kit
  • Upgrade 2K RGB 10.1" LCD to 8.9"4K Mono LCD
  • Monochrome LCD with mounting bracket, mainboard, and touch screen cable
  • Compatible with Epax X10 3D Printers
SKU 84436
Brand Epax

Product description

The Upgrade Kit Epax X10 10.1"2K RGB to 8.9"4K Mono. The mounting bracket and new mainboard are required for existing X10 printers to use this screen.

Consists of

  • 1* 8.9"4K Monochrome LCD Screen
  • 1* Mounting bracket
  • 1* New mainboard supporting 4K Mono Screen
  • 1* Touch Screen Cable

Cover edges with 0.1mm thick Kapton tape or reinforced electric tape

Quick guide for an upgrade from X10 10.1" 2K color to X10 8.9" 4K mono



Product specifications

Brand Epax
Product State New
Country Of Origin United States of America
Promo title Discount
Type Monochrome 8.9"4K
Part Types LCD Displays, Upgrade Kits
Machine Serie Epax X
Machine Model Epax X10
Product Size (WxDxH) 202mm x 135mm x 5mm
Product Weight (g) 350.00