Epax LCD 8.9″ – E10/ X10

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  • Epax Spare Parts - LCD screen
  • 4K Monochrome 8.9" LCD
  • Compatible with Epax E10, and X10 3D Printers
SKU 89263
Brand Epax

Product description

Original Epax 8.9" 4K Monochrome LCD spare & replacement part for Epax E10, and X10 3D Printers


This screen has tempered glass installed on top. So even if you spill resin on top of it you can gently shovel it off without damaging the screen.

Both E10 and X10 use the same mainboard and the same screen interfaces so the E10's 4K mono screen can be used with the X10 with just a quick firmware update.

Very short layer exposure times are needed (up to 1/4th of the time needed for color LCD screens).

Cover edges with 0.1mm thick Kapton tape or reinforced electric tape or pre-cut tape.  


Product specifications

Brand Epax
Product State New
Promo title Discount
Country Of Origin China
Type Monochrome 8.9"4K
Machine Serie Epax E, Epax X
Machine Model Epax E10, Epax X10
Part Types LCD Displays
Product Size (WxDxH) 200mm x 140mm x 3mm
Product Weight (g) 200.00