Epax X1 SERIES 4K Mono LCD Upgrade Kit

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SKU 89666
Brand Epax

Product description

Upgrade your 'old' Epax X1 Series printer with the latest technology. With this kit you can print faster because of the Mono LCD. The resolution of this 4K panel is the highest resolution available for LCD 3D printers.

The upgrade kit allows you to upgrade any Epax printer from X1 series with an 5.5" LCD screen. Even works with the oldest X1 printer with original cone-shaped light source. All models benefit from this upgrade!

  • high-resolution details of 31.5 micron pixel size
  • Faster printing because of Mono LCD technology
  • More reliable and durable because of Mono LCD technology

In the box

  • 1* HDMI board
  • 1* 5.5" 4K mono screen with 5.5" glass applied
  • 1* Mainboard
  • Brackets for mounting into X1 printers

Compatible with

  • The upgrade kit is compatible with all X1 Series printers using 5.5" screens with the parallel light upgrade


  • The upgrade kit does not fit into existing 6" screen printers.  Existing 6" screen printers need a screen with 6" glass applied.
  • If you are trying to upgrade X1-K which has 6" screen, please wait a bit till we have the upgrade kit for 6" mid-plate (by applying a 6" glass on top of the screen instead of the default 5.5" glass on top of the screen)



Product specifications

Brand Epax
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Part Types LCD Displays, Upgrade Kits
Machine Serie Epax X
Machine Model Epax X1, Epax X1-K, Epax X1-N, Epax X1-N-DJ