Discount!FEPshop LED Array 5.5″/6″

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  • FEPshop Spare Part - LED Array
  • Compatible with many 5.5", 6" LCD-type 3D Printers
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Brand FEPshop

Product description

The replacement/ spare part for many LCD-type 3D Printers

We finally have a limited number of test sets of this great-looking high-power UV LED Array for 5.5"/6" LCD Printers available.

This set could be a starting point to convert your old single LED LCD 3D printer to a LED Array LCD Printer. This UV LED Array is built as a so-called parallel light source.  A Parallel light source is usually used in high-precision measurement equipment. Because there is less light scattering it will produce higher contrast at the edges and it reduces diffuse reflections. The array guarantees an even light distribution over the whole build plate area.

  • Convert your old single LED LCD 3D printer to a LED Array
  • High power output (needs more testing)
  • +90% uniformity
  • Parallel LED technology
  • A limited number of test sets are available

Inside the box

  • LED Array (1/2)
  • Driver (2/2)

LED Array Specification:

  • Power: Max 72W (Manufacturer specification)
  • Array size: 28pcs UV LED
  • UV: 400-405nm

Driver Specification:

  • Input: 24V / 4A~5A
  • Output: 22~26V 1.4A
  • PWM Control: Input 3.3V/5V
  • Output Control: Potentiometer


  • Due to the changes that manufacturers do in the 3D printers, before buying check if the part is compatible with the version of your 3D printer
  • If you have a question about the spare part contact us


Product specifications

Brand FEPshop
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Promo title Discount
Part Types Electronics, LED's
Machine Serie Universal
Machine Model universal
Product Size (WxDxH) 100mm x 152mm x 55mm
Product Weight (g) 640.00