Stainless steel drip stand

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Product description

Stainless steel drip stand

  • Remove the tumbscrew holding the resin vat on the side you want to install the dripstand.
  • Mount the drip stand with the whole to the thread and tighten the thumbscrew again
  • The drip stand cannot touch your buildplate during printing.
  • After printing move up the buildplatform
  • Remove the buildplate and hook it to the drip stand
  • Uncured resin will now drip back into your resin vat.
  • You can close the lid if you want

The dripstand is made of stainless steel, so it's very durable, stable and easy to clean.

Also compatible with

  • Phrozen Sonic Mini
  • Most other 5.5"/6" LCD 3D Printers where the resin vat is secured with thumbscrews

Note & Warnings

  • Custom made for FEPshop

Product specifications

Brand FEPshop
Product State New
Country Of Origin The Netherlands
Part Type Mechanical
3D Printer Serie Universal
3D Printer Model universal

Product summary

SKU 77509
Brand FEPshop


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