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  • UniFormation 12K Upgrade Kit
  • Upgrade 10.3"8K LCD to 10"12K LCD
  • Kit includes LCD, Screen Protector, UV Light Meter, Ribbon Cable, and ACF Film
  • Compatible with UniFormation GKtwo 8K 3D Printers
SKU 100326
Brand UniFormation

Product description

Upgrade your UniFormation GKtwo 8K to an incredible 12K resolution!

Experience the new 12K powerhouse without the need to buy a completely new printer.

This 12K Upgrade Kit includes the new 10" 12K Mono LCD, Screen Protector, UV Light Meter, Ribbon Cable, ACF Film, and tools. 


  • Please refer to the 12K firmware folder to update the 12K  firmware first
  • Then please refer to the GKtwo  12K Screen Replacement video to replace 12K screen
  • After that, refer to 12K Slicer Setting to set up Chitubox
  • If you have previously installed UniFormation-Slicer, please run cleancache.bat in the GKtwo-12K directory to clear the cache first to avoid using the previous 8K configuration file
  • Check the link for the most important Upgrade Documents


  • if you need more information on how to replace and upgrade your LCD contact us


Product specifications

Brand UniFormation
Product State New
Promo title Contact us
External stock Availability on request
Country Of Origin China
Machine Serie Uniformation GK
Machine Model GKtwo
Part Types LCD Displays, Upgrade Kits