Ackuretta Finishing Kit

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  • Finishing Kit: UV Oven and Cleani 
  • UV Oven: cure models after printing
  • Cleani: effectively removes 90% of uncured resin from printed models
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Brand Ackuretta

Product description

The Ackuretta Finishing Kit will transform your 3D printed models into safe and ready to use items for applications in jewelry, dentistry and manufacturing. From cleaning to supports cutting and curing.


  • The finishing kit consists of one UV Cure oven and one Ackuretta Cleani
  • Internal mirrors in the UV oven provide maximum radiance of light to printed parts. The UV ovens UV bulbs cure 10 times faster than RBG bulbs found in generic UV ovens
  • Internal thermal management system prevents possibility of melting and deforming of parts
  • Designed with 2 seperate tanks for a 2-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes
  • Cleani effectively removes 90% of uncured resins from prints and compatible printer platforms with a workflow that's 3 times faster
  • Save 50% alcohol consumption in the cleaning process
  • Workflow accelerated by 40%
  • Easy and a seamless move from Printer to the Washer
  • Fast to clean in one move without additional effort
  • The finishing kit is easy and fast to use as a post-processing step after printing


  • 1 year factory warranty based on EU rules


In the box

  • 1 * UV Oven
  • 1 * Cleani
  • EU Powerplug


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Product specifications

Brand Ackuretta
Product State New
Country Of Origin Taiwan
Volume (ml) 4000 ml
Equipment Types Resin cleaning & curing, Resin cleaning, Resin curing
Post Processing for Resin
Tank Size 110mm x 225mm x 220mm
Product Weight (g) 8000.00
Tank Volume (L) 2.00
LED Power Output (W) 65.00
Curing Chamber Height (mm) 95.00