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Pre-Order! Apxe-Maker Washing Station is the largest post-processing cleaner for your prints. 

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  • Basket Volume of 50L
  • Large Cleaning Machine for Large Models
SKU 100234
Brand Apex-Maker

Product description

Apex-Maker Washing Station is a post-processing solution to clean your 3D printed models after printing. The Washing Station is perfect for large models and is the largest cleaning platform on the market. 

  • large cleaning platform size - Apex-Maker Washing Station cleaning platform, with a maximum processing size of 15.75"x14.96"x11.02"/400 x380 x280 mm, is the largest cleaning platform on the market
  • largest cleaning machine - a 50-liter large capacity cleaning drum, so it can clean curing models printed by large resin printers, which can greatly simplify messy post-processing
  • wide compatibility- the largest sealable cleaning bucket can accommodate larger printed models for cleaning. The cleaning station is compatible with most resin 3D printers on the market, so no matter what size model you need to print, our cleaning machines can help you improve the 3D printing process of your model
  • power cleaning - customized magnetic fan blade, super eddy current high-speed cleaning, strong removal of excess resin on the surface of the model. 2 cleaning methods: 1. Wash the basket, remove the model and put it into the basket for direct cleaning; 2. Platform hanging cleaning, directly hang the printing platform in the cleaning basket or cleaning rack to reduce resin exposure. Larger-size washing buckets can accommodate larger-size models for cleaning

Technical Specification

  • Product dimensions: 430mm x 440mm x 570mm
  • Max model size: 400mm x 380mm x 280mm
  • Washing bucket volume: 50L
  • Rated power: 50W


Product specifications

Brand Apex-Maker
Product State New
Promo title Pre-order now
External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
Country Of Origin China
Equipment Types Resin cleaning
Post Processing for Resin
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