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AnkerMake M5C is an ultrafast FFF type of 3D printer on a low budget. Ideal for anyone who wants to print quickly without losing precision on prints.

  • DIY FFF 3D Printer
  • Up to 500mm/s  Printing Speed
  • Supports Advanced Materials
  • Ideal for Beginners & More Advanced Users
SKU 100173
Brand AnkerMake
Industries Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technologies FDM

Product description

AnkerMake M5C is a FFF 3D Printer that prints even faster than AnkerMake M5  up to 500mm/s. The printer has great accuracy and design. Recommended to everyone who wants to start the journey with 3D printing. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this all-new printer is designed to be easy to use while still delivering the quality you desire—at the speed you can only imagine

  • easy to assemble - only 15 minutes of setup
  • excellent printing speed - cut printing time, speed up even up to 500mm/s.  Spend 80% less time waiting compared to other printers
  • exceptional resolution - achieve 50 microns resolution with precision mode
  • small extruder, big impact - go from heating, to extrusion and cooling in record time with 35mm³/s extrusion flow 
  • PowerBoost 2.0 - upgraded motion control system with a powerful stepper motor, belt driveshaft, and an S-smoothing algorithm  that gradually increases the printing speed and acceleration printers - without compromising on print quality
  • good printing volume - 220mm x 220mm x 250mm
  • built to ensure long-term stability - with a full-metal hotend capable of heating up to 300C and high-precision stainless steel dual Z-axis  lead screws, this 3D printer provides long-lasting stability and quality prints
  • auto-leveling - 7x7 Auto-Leveling
  • PEI soft magnetic steel plate
  • filament error alerts & printing resumes after outages
  • reduce energy - use by 59%
  • print whenever and wherever - you can track the printing process, pause it, or modify the setting. Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can remotely control the printer and the status of your prints. 

Technical Specification

  • Print Volume: 220mm x 220mm x 250mm 
  • Recommended Printing Speed: 500mm/s
  • Print Acceleration: 5000mm/s²
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Print Materials: PLA/PETG/TPU/ABS/ PA-CF
  • Extruder Temperature: 300℃
  • Heating Plate Temperature: 100℃
  • Touch  Screen: No
  • Connection: Wi-Fi (App, AnkerMake Slicer), Bluetooth, USB-C
  • Power: 350W
  • Power Input: AC 100-240V
  • Slicer Software: AnkerMake Slicer, Ultimaker Cura, PrusaSlicer
  • File Input Format: STL/OBJ
  • Machine Size: 466mm x 374mm x 480mm
  • Net Weight: 9.6KG


Product specifications

Brand AnkerMake
Product State New
External stock Ships in 1 or 2 working days
Country Of Origin China
Promo title New
3D Printer Types Filament Printers
Build size Medium
Machine Serie AnkerMake M5
Machine Model AnkerMake M5C
3D Printer Application Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technology FDM
Expert level Starter, Average
Manufacturer EAN 0194644151751
Build volume width (mm) 220.00
Auto Level 1
Filament Sensor 1
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