Anycubic Photon M3 Premium – 8K

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  • 10.1" 8K Monochrome LCD
  • 28.5-micron resolution
  • Fast printing speed - up  to 95mm/h
  • Larger Vat
SKU 99625
Brand Anycubic
Industries Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technologies mSLA(LCD)

Product description

Anycubic Photon M3 Premium 8K is a high-precision with large printing volume mSLA (LCD-type) 3D Printer. High details and the brand new released light source technology. This 3D Printer is a great solution for anyone who wants to print larger and more precise models. 

  • 10.1" 8K Monochrome LCD Screen
  • details beyond 8K - the patented self-innovated LightTurbo 2.0 light source solution provides the high light uniformity of the COB light source system while eliminating stray light, creating a delicate and smooth model surface.
  • upgraded cooling system - automatically detects the temperature. It adjusts the speed of the cooling fan, to ensure that the printing environment is kept within 65℃, effectively improving the light source’s lifespan.
  • the large volume brings unlimited creativity
  • double threaded rods
  • efficient air purification
  • larger vat and less refill - a 60% larger resin tank eliminates the need to refill resin constantly when printing large 3D models.
  • faster printing speed - 95mm/h
  • sharp edges and corners - Z-axis accuracy:  0.005mm
  • unlimited applications - can easily meet various printing needs, enabling lower cost, larger volume, and higher precision model printing.

Technical Specification

  • Exposure screen: 10.1-inch monochrome
  • Build Volume: 250x123x219mm
  • Light source: Anycubic LighTurb 2.0 Light Source
  • Printing accuracy: 8K (7680 px) 28.5μm XY resolution
  • Printing speed: ≤ 95 mm/hr
  • Control panel: 4.3-inch TFT touch-control
  • Data input: USB-Type A2.0/ WiFi Port
  • Power supply: 150W
  • Machine dimensions: 630 x 330 x 350 mm
  • Machine weight: 19 kg


Product specifications

Brand Anycubic
Product State New
External stock Ships in 1 or 2 working days
Country Of Origin China
3D Printer Types Resin Printers
Build size Medium
3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
Print Resolution (µm) 28
Projection technology LCD Mono
Max. print speed (mm/hour) 95
Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
3D Printer Application Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technology mSLA(LCD)
Machine Serie Anycubic Photon
Machine Model M3 Premium
Expert level Starter, Average
Product Size (WxDxH) 630mm x 330mm x 350mm
Product Weight (g) 19000.00
Minimal layer height (microns) 10.00
Build volume width (mm) 250.00

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