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Apex-Maker X1 is a high resolution, large volume 16"8K LCD type of 3D printer. Ideal for general prototyping.

  • Amazing Price & Massive Volume!
  • 16"8K Mono LCD
  • Fast Printing Speed
SKU 100147
Brand Apex-Maker
Industries Manufacturing, Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technologies mSLA(LCD)

Product description

Apex-Maker X1 is an industrial-grade 3D printer with a 16"8K Mono LCD screen. Thanks to the massive volume it is possible to create large models and speed up your production. 

  • 16"8K high resolution - Apex-Maker X1 is one of the few consumer large-scale industrial 3D printers on the market, with a 16-inch UV curable LCD screen and a resolution of 7680 * 4320. Its higher accuracy allows for better processing of printed model details
  • large build volume - a massive volume of 353.28mm x 198.72mm x 400mm that will allow you to print larger models
  • ultra high pixels- the pixel size of the Apex-Maker X1 3D printer is 46 microns, which is better than similar products on the market. Ultra-high pixels can bring more excellent printing accuracy and surreal printing details
  • compatible with most slicing software - Apex-Maker X1 3D printer is compatible with most slicing software, whether it's Lychee, Chitubox, or Tango, you can use it with confidence
  • easy to get started - whether you are a player with rich printing experience or a beginner, you can quickly and easily get started using Apex-Maker X1

Technical Specification

  • Printer dimensions: 548mm x 440mm x 862mm
  • Max printing speed: 180mm/h
  • Technology: UV LCD
  • Build volume: 353.28mm x 198.72mm x 400mm
  • LCD screen 16-inch monochrome screen
  • LCD resolution: 8k(7680*4320)
  • Platform calibration: factory pre-calibrated
  • Pixel size: 46um
  • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.3mm
  • Light source: 405nm
  • Release film:  high-speed TSP film
  • Resin feeding: automatic
  • Temperature control: resin tank heating
  • Slicing software: Chitubox(pro), Lychee Slicer
  • Operation: 7-inch touchscreen
  • Total power: 300W
  • Supported files: .stl,.obj,.slc
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Net weight: 44.5kg


Product specifications

Brand Apex-Maker
3D Printer Types Resin Printers
Build size Extra large
Product State New
Promo title Pre-order now
External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
Country Of Origin China
3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
Max. print speed (mm/hour) 180
Print Resolution (µm) 46
Projection technology LCD Mono
3D Printer Application Manufacturing, Other, Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technology mSLA(LCD)
Machine Serie Apex-Maker X1
Machine Model Apex-Maker X1
Expert level Advanced, Starter, Average
Build volume width (mm) 353.2800
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