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ELEGOO Mars 5 Ultra is a high-precise 3D printer that allows you to print without worries because of the AI camera, failure and residue detection, and power-loss resume printing. 

  • Detailed Prints 
  • 7"9K Resolution
  • Fast Printing Speed!
  • Auto-Leveling and AI Camera
  • Residue and Failure Detection!
  • Ideal for General Prototyping
SKU 100432
Industries Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technologies mSLA(LCD)

Product description

ELEGOO Mars 5 Ultra 9K is a precise 3D printer working in mSLA (LCD)  technology with a 7" 9K resolution screen. The printer comes with ultra-fast printing possibilities, auto-leveling, resin exposure time calibration, and an AI Camera. 

  • ultra-high resolution 9K - resolution of 18µm allows the printing of highly detailed models
  • 7” Mono LCD screen  - great build volume for larger prints
  • the world's leading high-speed 3D printer - no need for fast resin or ACF release film. With the Tilt Release Technology, it is easy to achieve ultrafast printing
  • tilt release innovation -  boasting a blazing fast speed of up to 150mm/h. The tilt release technology enables swift model peeling from the release film, ensuring lightning-fast printing without compromising on detail, accuracy, or reliability. Seamlessly switch between the fast and slow print modes, unlocking unmatched flexibility and efficiency
  • self -check & automatic leveling - print out of the box without manual leveling, one-click self-check and one-click automatic leveling
  • AI camera - empty build plate detection and warping detection. Real-time monitoring and time-lapse photography to view the printing process in real-time and record the whole printing process
  • smart mechanical sensor - residue detection to prevent damage to the LCD screen. Plus, timely alarms for resin shortages and leveling failures minimize waste and ensure uninterrupted efficiency. Stay worry-free and enjoy high-quality prints every time
  • advanced overheat protection - enjoy carefree printing with advanced high-temperature protection. When the LEC temperature exceeds 80C, the intelligent system triggers an alarm and halts printing automatically, ensuring enhanced safety and an extended lifespan
  • power-loss resume printing
  • real-time monitoring and time-lapse photography 
  • user-friendly design - quick-release design, replaceable lock screws, resin clog-free, dual pour spouts resin tanks, and reliable drip tray
  • ideal for general prototyping - for printing models, prototypes, and education purposes

Technical Specification

  • Product model: Mars 5 Ultra 9K
  • LCD: 7-inch 9K Mono LCD
  • Slicer Software: ChituBox
  • Technology: mSLA
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
  • Printing Speed: up to 150mm/h 
  • XY Resolution: 8520*4320 (18microns)
  • Z Axis Accuracy: 0.02mm
  • Build Volume: 153.36mm(L)*77.76mm(W)*165mm(H)
  • Light Source: COB Light Source (405nm)
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi
  • Weight: 8.8kg
  • Operation: 4 Inch Touch Screen
  • Power Requirements: 100-240V 50/60 Hz 24V 3A
  • Printer Dimensions: 260mm(L) x 268mm(W) x 451.5mm(H)


Product specifications

Product State New
Promo title Pre-order now
External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
Country Of Origin China
3D Printer Types Resin Printers
Build size Small
3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
Max. print speed (mm/hour) 150
Print Resolution (µm) 18
Projection technology LCD Mono
Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
3D Printer Application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Technology mSLA(LCD)
Expert level Starter, Average
Minimal layer height (microns) 10.00
Build volume width (mm) 153.3600