Flashforge Creator 4-A HT

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Flashforge Creator 4-A HT is a professional FFF 3D printer with a high-temperature extruder suitable for engineering filaments. 

  • Professional FFF 3D Printer
  • Extruder - HT - 320°C
  • For Engineering Filament
  • Temperature-Controlled Heated Chamber
SKU 99422
Brand Flashforge
Industries Manufacturing, Prototyping
Technologies FDM

Product description

Flashforge Creator 4-A is a multi-functional, flexible, and high-performance commercial 3D printer. It is equipped with three types of extruders, therefore various printing needs can be met by selecting the matching printing module according to different types of filaments. This version is with the HT-Extruder – suitable for engineering filament - which makes printing up to 320°C possible. 

  • dual extruders working independently 
  • extruder HT for engineering filament
  • advanced thermal-control system - the temperature in the chamber ensures good printout quality
  • large build volume 
  • high-precision printing
  • friendly and intelligent filament management system - different filaments can be automatically adjusted to different preheating temperatures in the chamber, achieving a higher success rate of printing. When finishing printing, the chamber temperature can be adjusted automatically for model cooling down. Quite friendly system design for next print!
  • compatible with various filaments - PLA, PETG, PC-ABS, PAHT, ABS, ASA, PP, PA, PC
  • built-in-camera with remote control
  • printing resuming after recovering from power failure

Technical Specification

  • 3D Printing Technology:  FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 
  • Extruder system: IIDEX (Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder)
  • Printing volume: 400 x 350 x 500 mm
  • Printing Modes: Duplicate Mode / Dual Color Mode / Mirror Mode / Support Mode
  • A number of extruders: 2 Extruder-HT
  • Extruder maximum temperature: 320°C
  • Maximum print speed: 200mm/s
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 (default) / 0.6 / 0.8 mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Compatible filaments: PLA, PETG, PC-ABS, PAHT, ABS, ASA, PP, PA, PC
  • Build chamber maximum temperature: 65°C
  • Maximum heated bed temperature: 120°C
  • Printing Precision: ±0.2mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / Ethernet / USB Drive
  • Screen: 7- inch IPS touchscreen
  • Printer Dimensions: 840(L) x 675(W) x 1000(H) mm
  • Printer weight: 90 kg
  • Power:  2320 W
  • Software: FlashPrint
  • File Input Format: 3MF / STL / OBJ / FPP / BMP / PNG / JPEG File


  • fits perfectly for the Flashforge Filament Drying Station which additionally improves the whole process of 3D Printing and controls the printing quality


Product specifications

Brand Flashforge
Product State New
External stock Ships in 3 to 5 working days
Country Of Origin China
3D Printer Types Filament Printers
Build size Extra large
Machine Serie Flashforge Creator
Machine Model Creator 4 HT
3D Printer Application Manufacturing, Prototyping
Technology FDM
Nozzle Diameter (mm) 0.4, 0.6, 0.8
Compatible Filament (mm) 1.75
Expert level Advanced, Professional
Product application Industrial, Prototyping
Manufacturer EAN 6971940407331
Product Size (WxDxH) 840mm x 675mm x 1000mm
Product Weight (g) 90000.00
Build volume width (mm) 400.00
Auto Level 1
Filament Sensor 1
Direct Drive Extruder 1
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