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UniFormation GKtwo 8K is an LCD-type 3D printer with a high resolution, large build volume, heating build-in automatic system, ideal for printing models and prototypes. 

  • 10.3" 8K Mono LCD
  • 29.6-micron Resolution
  • Large Build Space
  • Automatic Heating System
  • SKU 100323
    Brand UniFormation
    Industries Education, Hobby, Jewelry, Prototyping
    Technologies mSLA(LCD)

    Product description

    UniFormation GKtwo 10.3"8K is a mSLA, LCD-type 3D printer with a large volume of printing, amazing resolution, an automatic build-in heating system and is integrated with air filter. This is one of the best printers available on the market!

    • large printing volume - 10.3"LCD panel with a build volume of 228mm x 128mm x 245mm. 
    • 8K  resolution - 29.6 microns  XY resolution and a great details 
    • automatic heating - built-in heating system, there are three temperature settings 25, 30, 35°C keeping your resin at correct temperature for better printing
    • odor removal filter -  unique odor purification circulatory system uses honeycomb carbon filters, so the system can absorb most of the harmful odor normally associated with resin printing. However, if you are printing constantly for a long period of time, we recommend replacing the filters every 15 days to keep the air pure
    • flip-up cover - simple design for saving space. Not only, does this design allow you to print neatly positioned side-by-side, but also it does not take up much-needed space in your printing area to provide efficient, simple, and high-quality printing
    • quick release design - you don't need to spend time on screwing anymore, and you can slide out the build plate or the resin vat and lift out within 2 seconds, which saves you time
    • ideal for printing miniatures, prototypes and speeding up your production

    Technical Specification

    • Product Size: 350mm x 315mm x 455mm 
    • Package Size: 445mm x 420mm x 550mm 
    • Package Weight: 20kg
    • Printing Volume: 228mm x 128mm x 245mm
    • Exposure time: 2-3s/layer(0.05mm)
    • Technology: Photocuring LCD
    • Wavelength Range: 402.5-405nm
    • File Transfer: USB
    • Software System: windows7(64 bit and above
    • Slicing Software: Chitubox; Gktwo Slicer
    • UI Operation: 5’’ Touch screen
    • File Format: STL
    • HD Resolution: 7680*4320
    • XY Resolution: 29.6μm
    • Printing Tolerance: ±0.1mm(L≤100mm)±0.1% xL(L>100mm)
    • Layer Height: 0.03、0.05、0.1mm
    • Resin Vat Capacity: 0.7kg
    • Voltage: 110/220V(Depends on the voltage in your area)


    Product specifications

    Brand UniFormation
    3D Printer Types Resin Printers
    Build size Medium
    Product State New
    Promo title Pre-order now
    External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
    Country Of Origin China
    3D Printer UV Bandwidth 405nm
    Print Resolution (µm) 29.6
    Projection technology LCD Mono
    3D Printer Application Education, Hobby, Jewelry, Prototyping
    Technology mSLA(LCD)
    Machine Serie Uniformation GK
    Machine Model GKtwo
    Expert level Advanced, Starter, Average
    Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
    Minimal layer height (microns) 30.00
    Build volume width (mm) 228.00

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