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Talking to our friends… Peer Creations

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What is your (company)name, where are you from and what do you do in your day to day life?

We are PeerCreations, a company set up by family members through our shared love for 3D printing. We all did different studies which resulted in all having a different expertise. However, since we all grew up with the same interests, we are all invested in 3D printing. For example, we all loved Dungeons & Dragons so it was logical for all of us to start with printing miniatures related to this game.

At the moment we are operating from the Netherlands but we also have contacts in different parts of Europe. 

Currently we have 4 resin printers + 4 extra printers when spare parts arrive. Different applications include both resin and FDM. We currently focus on Resin printing, but ultimately the vision is to offer a creative platform where people can achieve different print results together with printing through different materials.

How long ago and why did you guys start 3d printing?

At the moment we have been active in the printing industry for 2 years.

Can you tell us more about the products that you print?

At the moment we print a lot of characters and samples, terrain printing, industrial applications, dice towers and we do printing on request. Next to that we make models for casting + small figurines between 200-500 mm.

In addition, we offer a 3D printing service; customers can send a file to us and we work it out. The 3D print service part is in very high demand at the moment so there is enough to do!

We also visited Spellenspektakel. We have commercial licenses from certain model makers and we have sold this a lot on Spellenspektakel. We also sold miniatures, dice towers in skull shape, regular dice towers, homemade dice bags, and many characters were sold. Mini models in 1 box and pedestals in another box, then people could put them together and build their own character.

In addition to printing, dyeing the models is also a service we offer. There are actually many companies that can do model painting as a full time job because it is in very high demand!

What printers do you use, what types of resin & why do you use these products (and not other products)?

Specifically, we use FEPshop Standard because it is a workable material. We use both FDM and Resin. We use PLA for most printers because this is the most diverse and suitable material, in the future we would like to add wood fiber PLA. We think there is a lot of demand for this too!

What are your best tips and/or tricks for 3d printing and/or in regard to the products you use?

Don’t buy cheap PLA. Buy good quality PLA otherwise you will spend more time on printing. In regard to Resin printing; make sure to print as short of an area as possible during the beginning of your print. Safety is also very important, wearing gloves and having good tools.

Quality matters. Use the best possible files you can get because it gives the best possible printing outcome. We are a big fan of helping in the process, we know where to find ideas and solutions when customers have certain issues and in addition we can also help customers find the right product! See pictures below for an overview of our work.