Large  collection of Spare parts, compatible replacement FEP film, Mods and other usefull things for your Wanhao D7 and compatible printers.

Flexible Buildplate 135×75

Stainless steel drip stand

FEPshop FEP 150 (for 5.5″ LCD)

FEPshop UV LED 30W 405nm

Wanhao D7 Resin Vat Rubber Seal

Wanhao D8 Resin vat with FEP Film

Wanhao D8 Active Carbon Filter

Wanhao D8 Case Fan Filter

Wanhao D8 Video board

Wanhao D8 8.9 Screen cable 0310037

Wanhao D7 Resin vat nut

FEPshop Front Glass (for 5.5″ LCD)

FEPshop Flex Coupler – 5×8

FEPshop LCD 5.5″ 2K (Glass backplate)

Wanhao D7 FEPvat

Wanhao D7 Coupler 5×8 (0308018)

FEP 50HD – 3 sheets 5.5″ LCD 3D Printer

Wanhao D7 UV LED & Heatsink