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About FEPshop

End of 2016 i started beta testing the first commercially available mSLA resin 3D Printers. We used these mSLA 3D Printers for prototyping (and fun) in my Research & Development company.

Soon we needed to replace the first resin vat FEP sheets. A that time FEP film was almost impossible to find in Europe. You could import it but not at a reasonable price, delivery time, from reliable stock and reliable quality.

To help the maker community (and for fun) i started FEPshop in February 2017. My then little online shop made FEP available for everyone and had the mission to deliver High Quality FEP Film at a fair price as fast as possible.

This first year i learned a lot about retail. Me and a small team worked hard on improving our services, reducing shipping times and product range. By the end of 2017 we had fulfilled most of our mission for the EU.

Early 2018 we were ready to continue our mission for the rest of the world. We moved FEPshop to a dedicated workshop and started selling more products, resins, specialty parts and mSLA 3D Printers.

Early 2019 we moved to a larger warehouse to further facilitate our growth, we got more staff, more products and became Phrozen European main distributor.

Today our mission is still the same – Deliver quality products at a fair price, with great service and fast deliver from stock.

Rolf – FEPshop Founder

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