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About FEPshop

FEPshop emerged from the innovative vision of Rolf Meijer, an entrepreneur based in Groningen, Netherlands. In the late 2016, Rolf embarked on a journey that would shape the world of resin 3D printing. As a researcher and developer, he was at the forefront of technology, beta testing the first commercially available mSLA (mask stereolithography) resin 3D printers. His dedication led to a significant need for high-quality FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) film for the printers’ resin vats.

The pivotal moment came in early 2017 when Rolf’s personal projects required FEP film. However, obtaining this essential component proved challenging and expensive. Fueled by determination, Rolf discovered a supplier willing to ship FEP film, albeit in one-meter-wide rolls. Undeterred by the unconventional size, he took a bold step and made the purchase. This marked the birth of FEPshop.

In February 2017, Rolf officially established FEPshop, aiming to democratize FEP film availability. The online store’s mission was clear: provide the maker community with high-quality FEP film at fair prices and lightning-fast delivery. This venture was driven by Rolf’s passion for 3D printing and his desire to bridge a gap in the market. Through FEPshop, he enabled makers to access essential materials that were previously hard to come by. With a strong commitment to quality and service, FEPshop flourished, becoming an innovative hub for resin 3D printing enthusiasts.

Rolf’s story exemplifies how a single individual’s dedication and vision can lead to the creation of a pivotal resource within a niche industry. FEPshop not only became a go-to destination for 3D printing materials but also a testament to the power of addressing unmet needs in the maker community.