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Talking to our friend… Fahrid

Fahrid has been 3D printing since it was not mainstream yet. Actually since Shapeways existed. He is a graphic designer by origin so creation has been there from the start. In regard to 3D printing, he started as a collector, making collectibles with his 3D Printer. It all began with a print on demand service […]

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Talking to… Richard

Hi Richard, you’re next in this series of meeting the FEPshop people, please introduce yourself! Hey guys, my name is Richard and I’m in customer support. What do you do at the FEPshop headquarters on a day-to-day basis? I provide support to all our customers in need of any help, be it technical support or […]

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Talking to… Karolina

Hi Karolina, nice talking to you! Would you please introduce yourself? My name is Karolina and I am from Poland. I finished my Bachelors Biomedical Engineering at University. For my Masters level I did Materials Engineering and I decided to also do a second study and completed a Management and Production Engineering degree too. I […]

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Talking to our friend… Gianpaolo di Silvestro

Hi Gianpaolo! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hello, my name is Gianpaolo di Silvestro, I am a paleontologist and I am the owner of two small commercial realities called and My business is to prepare fossils for major museums around the world, but recently also modeling and products for […]

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Talking to… Teunis

Hi Teunis, pleasure talking to you! Could you reveal a little about yourself? Teunis, 31, Dutch. Very concise Teunis! So what do you do at the FEPshop headquarters on a day-to-day basis? I repair printers that are coming back from users, and when that’s done I help at logistics. What form of transportation do you […]

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