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Talking to… Laura

Hi Laura, please introduce yourself to our readers!

My name is Laura, I am 25 years old and I am born and raised in in the Netherlands. Before working at FEPshop I worked in several companies varying from the catering industry to telemarketing to living on an island in the Caribbean handling the distribution of Coconut Rum. So very varied you can say.

What do you do at the FEPshop headquarters on a day-to-day basis?

At the FEPshop headquarters I take care of a part of Customer Support, I create content, solve issues with orders together with the Logistics Department, solve issues with UPS and probably everything in between.

What form of transportation do you use to get to the office?

I am Dutch, so I ride my bike! 🙂

How did your relationship with FEPshop start?

It started through an acquaintance of mine who used to work for this company. I wanted to do something else in terms of work and there was a Customer Support position open which I took.

Why do you like working for FEPshop?

I think it is fun to work in an environment that represents the future, is very innovative and can make a difference in many ways (and lives too)! Next to that, I like the environment of a start-up/scale-up sized company.

What was your first introduction to 3D printing like? Well, I came in the office and I saw 3D-printers. That was actually my first introduction to 3D printers in real life. Ofcourse my interest in the field was always there, like i said I like innovative ideas and had read about 3d printing before, but had never seen them.

What do you find fascinating about 3D technology? That the possibilities are endless. You can’t think of it, and there is some possibility to print it. Organs, legs, food or industrial parts, the sky’s the limit.

If you had €1000 to spare, which 3D printer would you buy, or which add-on or consumable? Oef, that is a hard one. But I think I would go for the Sonic Mega 8K! The build size is insane!!

If you could print any object in the world, what would you print for yourself?

I would print an airplane. So that I can show all my friends and family all my favourite parts of the world, explore more and be able to experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. Oh, and I would clone one of my friends who is a pilot so that her clone can fly the plane 😀

What do you expect will happen in 3D printing in the next 5 years?

That printing houses will be ‘normal’ and it will be more common to use 3D printing in the medical field for a wide variety of purposes.

What is your personal ambition career wise? Where will you be 10 years from now?

In 10 years I run my own business, preferably location independent and I would stay somewhere on a tropical island in the coldest months in the Netherlands.

If you’re not in the office, or at home, where would we find you?

In the gym! Always.

What would you like to say about yourself in addition to the above?

Nothing more to add, just some advice: enjoy life to the fullest and do not forget about the little things.