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Inspecting: the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K

You probably have read the news about the Sonic Mini 8K. Many reviews and comparisons are available now online. If you did not read about this amazing resin 3D Printer printer yet, we have a breakdown for you.

The Sonic Mini 8K LCD module has 22 micron pixels for 3D Printing in ultra fine detail. Compare that with these popular printers:

(For comparison we added the top-rated Prusa SL1S and the popular Elegoo Mars 2)

Model Build volume Display Resolution (Micron)
Sonic Mini HD120x66x130mmHD62
Prusa SL1S127x80x150mm2K50
Elegoo Mars 2129x80x160mm2K50
Sonic Mini 4K135x75x130mm4K35
Sonic Mini 8K 165x72x180mm8K22
Sonic Mighty200x125x220m4K50
Transform Fast292x165x400mm4K76
Sonic Mega 8K330x185x400mm8K43

So the mini 8K is a great printer, capable of great prints Apart from the highest resolution available in the consumer market. What makes this printer so special?

First, it is called Mini but it is not

Side by side with the Mini 4K it becomes obvious it is by no means a mini!

Second, It’s a heavyweight

The Mini 8K has a great build quality, there are a lot of metal parts inside making it heavy and very stable. by comparison, the large Sonic Mighty weighs 8KG, the Mini 8K almost double! Z-axis, optical system are very well build. And ofcourse the optical system is one of the biggest innovations.

Third, Let’s crack it open and have look inside

First thing you notice, there is no LED array! This is replaced with a uv light projector. The UV light projector creates a more uniform and stable projection. This ofcourse translates to better print quality.

The projection system uses a single source LCD making it more reliable. It also makes heat management much easier. You want to keep your LCD panel as cool as possible. The huge heat sync at the back and improved airflow make sure that heated air is quickly removed from the inside of the printer and the LCD.

All in all the machine looks very clean and well thought out. All electronics and cabling are nicely tucked away to the top and the sides. Even the mirror is shielded from dust with a cover in the top of the printer that slots over the light engine.

Now it’s time to put the printer back together.

Till next time, when we will check out some print results.

Happy printing!