Chitu UV Light Meter

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  • Portable UV LIght Meter
  • For LCD-type 405nm 3D Printers 
  • Check the UV Light of Your Printer
  • Easy to Use
SKU 100018
Brand Chitu

Product description

Chitu UV Light Meter is a portable UV intensity meter for resin 3d printers, 405nm LCD printers only. This tool will help you to check out the status of the light source in your 3d printer. 

  • for LCD 405nm 3D Printers only
  • measure the intensity of light for your printer
  • get light strength and uniformity - compare the different data between FEP,  nFEP, and screen protector films, different areas (center and corners), and adjust the setting to ge a smiliar print  quality
  • make exposure test easier
  • find dead pixel - there may be dead pixel we cannot see on the screen, and the prints are failing

Technical Specification

  • Probe type: P405L1
  • Probe size: 36 x 36 x 13.8mm
  • Spectral response range: 405nm±3nm
  • Power range: 0-50000 µW/cm2
  • Input: 5V, USB
  • Test hole dimateter: 10mm
  • Measuring accuracy: ±10%
  • Application: UV Resin 3D Printers

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Product specifications

Brand Chitu
Product State New
Country Of Origin China
Accessory Types Tools