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Phrozen Post-Processing Kit is a great accessory for your 3D printing process. With those tools, you can easily remove prints from the build plate and later remove supports from your models. 

  • Phrozen Post-Processing Kit
  • Essential Tools for Cleaning Your Prints
  • Great Price and Easy to Use
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Brand Phrozen

Product description

Phrozen Post-Processing Kit is an original kit from Phrozen that contains all kinds of essential tools that meet all your DIY needs to help you to remove, clean, and finish your prints. 

  • all-in-one 3D printing kit - it provides all the essential tools for pre-printing, post-printing, and environmental maintenance, ensuring every stage of the printing process is as smooth as it should be
  • diverse scraper choices - multiple scraper options for different needs: a plastic scraper to clean your vat and a metal scraper to remove models from the build plate
  • resin recycling made easy - use the wire mesh and foldable funnel to make resin recycling quick and convenient
  • effortless support removal - removing model supports is quick and easy, giving your models a smooth clean surface
  • keeping you safe and clean - gloves, silicone pads, and cleaning cloths are included to keep your workspace tidy, and your hands protected from resin and chemicals
  • easy to use 
  • affordable

How to use it?


  • Lay your silicone mat and put on the protective gloves.
  • Gently sand the build plate
  • Use a plastic scraper to check your resin vat from cured resin from previous printing.


  • Use a metal scraper to remove your printed models from the build platform
  • Wash the models and gently brush your models to clean them
  • Remove the supports with the pliers
  • Use the funnel and wire mesh to filter the remaining resin
  • Keep your workspace clean after printing


Product specifications

Brand Phrozen
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Accessory Types Tools, Safety
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