Discount!Creality Filament CR-PETG – 1.75mm

Creality Filament CR-PETG has great toughness, excellent weather, and chemical resistant. 

  • Combine Advantages of PLA & ABS
  • Good Toughness
  • Weather & Chemical Resistance
  • For most FFF/FDM 3D Printers
SKU 99970
Brand Creality

Product description

Creality Filament CR-PETG is a material that can be used for most FFF/FDM types of 3D printers. PETG has the advantages of both, PLA and ABS filaments, and has excellent weather and chemical resistance so is ideal for many industries for prototyping. 

  • good toughness - the printed model is firm and sturdy. The filament can bend repeatedly with high elongation at the break
  • excellent stability and moisture resistance - it is not easy to crack and warp
  • eco-friendly, odorless, and non-toxic
  • excellent weather and chemical resistance
  • combines advantages of PLA and ABS filaments
  • high-quality filament 
  • ideal for prototyping and testing in many industries
  • for most FFF/FDM 3D Printers

Technical Specification

  • Package size: 1 kg 
  • Tensile Strength: 49MPa
  • Nozzle Temp: 230-250℃
  • Tolerance: 0.03mm

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the filament in a dry place in tightly closed containers
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Brand Creality
Product State New
Filament Type PETG
Material Group Filament
Promo title Discount
External stock Ships in 1 or 2 working days
Country Of Origin China
Material Types Filaments
Material Properties Low Odor, Strong, Tough
Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Print temperature (°C) 230-250
Color Name Black, White
Package Size 1 KG