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ELEGOO Resin Water-Washable 8K is a very precise material that does not require IPA for post-processing printed parts. The resin is ideal for printing complex prototyping and very accurate, detailed models.

  • Water-Washable Resin
  • High Precision - 8K
  • Low Viscosity and Safe to  Use
  • Ideal for Detailed and Complex Prototyping
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Product description

ELEGOO Resin Water-Washable 8K in color Space Grey is a high-precision material with an amazing accuracy of 8K. The material is safe to use, and water washable so it does not require IPA for cleaning after printing. 

  • high precision and low shrinkage - amazing accuracy of 8K  and excellent dimension tolerance and low shrinkage ensure high-precision printed models with incredibly smooth surface finish, and fine details. 
  • safe to use, water washable - does not require IPA, just rinse with tap water or soak for a short time to clean your 3D prints. Be safer to use, improve your efficiency, and save your budget by reducing the post-processing time
  • low viscosity, and good fluidity - with good fluidity, the resin can quickly reflow to the area between model and release film, which improves the printing success rate and reduces printing time. 
  • bright and stunning colors - with high-quality pigments and photo-initiators inside 8K water-washable resin, the models printed with ELEGOO 8K water-washable photopolymer resin have a very pure and stunning color effect, just like an artwork. 
  • wide applications - it is a great resin for any LCD-type 3D printer but will show full potential with at least 8K resolution 3D printer. The resin is ideal for printing precision models and complex prototyping. 

Technical Specification

  • Volume: 1kg 
  • Surface Hardness: 80-85 Shore D
  • Deformation at the Point of Max Force: 5.66±10% mm
  • Yield Point Elongation: 5.37±10% 
  • Tensile Strength: 24.39±10% MPa
  • Tensile Modulus: 327.7±10% MPa
  • EAB: 10±10%
  • Flexural Modulus: 760.53±10% MPa
  • Flexural Strength: 28.08±10% MPa 
  • Impact Strength: 68±10% J/m

Safety Rules

  • Make sure to store the resin in dark and room temperature
  • Always wear protective gloves during working with resin
  • For more information please check the "Downloads" section 


Product specifications

Color Name Grey
Shore hardness D83
Package Size 1 KG
Product State New
Material Group UV Resin
Promo title Discount
External stock Ships in 3 to 6 weeks
Country Of Origin China
Resin Wavelength (nm) 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Low Odor, Low Shrinkage, Low Viscosity, Precise, Standard, Water Washable
Resin for LCD, Mono LCD
Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping

Product downloads

Safety datasheet