Esun Water washable resin (0.5KG)

SKU: 76625

Product description

Esun Water Washable Resin Features

  • High Precision
  • High hardness
  • Density: 1.05 - 1.25 g/m3
  • Viscosity: 100-120 MPa at 25C
  • Wavelength: 395-405nm
  • Tensile strength: 68 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 5-10%
  • Flexural strenght: 45-70 MPa
  • Flexural modulus: 900-1400 MPa
  • IZOD Impact strenght: 18-39 J/m
  • Color: Gray


  • Bottle: 500Gr

How to use

  • DO NOT rinse printed objects under the tap
  • Water washable UV resin is just as dangerous as normal UV resins
  • Please make sure these chemicals do not get into the environment
  • Always wear personal protection (gloves, glasses) when handling resin
  • Clean water washable printed objects in one or two stages
  • Use tubs/containers filled with water
  • Dry with air
  • DO NOT throw away the waste water without post processing
  • 1) Cure the resin contaminated waste water with an UV Lamp or Sunlight
  • 2) Filter the solid resin particles out of the waste water
  • 3) Dispose waste water
  • 4) The remaining filtered particles should be treated and recycled as plastic waste
  • Please preserve our resin in closed opaque bottle in avoid of exposure to air
  • Do not mix used and non-used resin together

Notes & Warnings

  • WARNING water washable UV resins are dangerous chemicals just like normal UV resins
  • DO NOT rinse printed objects under the tap
  • DO NOT throw away the rinse waste water without post processing
  • DO NOT let these chemicals get into our environment
  • Always wear personal protection (gloves, glasses) when handling resin
  • Use your resin 3D printer under well ventilated circumstances
  • Suggested safety equipment: gloves, mask, glasses, and lab coat
  • Do not expose UV resin to sunlight or indoor light containing UV
  • In case you consume UV resin, get medical advise
  • In case resin get's in your eye, wash your eyes with water and get medical advise
  • Resin can cause skin irritation, always wear gloves when handling
  • Please keep UV resin away from kids
  • Keep resin at room temperature(15 - 35 OC) and dry condition.

Product specifications

Brand eSun
Material Group UV Resin
Industry Art, Education, Manufacturing
Technology mSLA(LCD)
Wavelength (nm) 395, 405
Material Types Resins
Material Properties Precise, Strong, Water Washable
Material Application Hobby
Color Grey
Package Size 0.5 KG

Product summary

SKU 76625
Brand eSun
Industries art, education, manufacturing
Technologies mSLA


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