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  • FEPshop Spare Part - resin vat
  • 5.5"
  • 3D Printed resin vat
  • Affordable replacement part
  • Compatible with Wanhao D7 4K 3D Printers
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Brand FEPshop

Product description

The replacement/ spare part for Wanhao D7 3D Printers

The Wanhao D7 FEPvat is an affordable alternative resin VAT for the Wanhao Duplicator D7 (and possibly fits similar 3D printers). The FEPvat you receive is a 3D-printed version.

It's made from the high-quality filament and has brass inserts to ensure the bolts keep gripping the VAT. It's built to be strong.

We used these VAT's continues for more than 6 months and they worked perfectly. Even after many FEP sheet changes, resin changes, and cleaning with alcohol. But of course, they are not built for eternity, and we cannot make long-term guarantees. But hey, we can guarantee they last longer than a Formlabs resin VAT costing three times as much!

  • affordable replacement
  • easy to assembly
  • easy to clean
  • pre-installed FEP film

Wanhao D7 FEPvat Features

1: Easy to use We developed a two-step sheet mounting system. The first step locks the sheet so it won't move around anymore. In the second step tightens the sheet till it's perfect.
  • Step 1
  1. Turn the VAT upside down
  2. Lay your FEP sheet on the VAT
  3. Press the ring into the VAT till it's flush with the edge of the VAT. You will feel resistance, just push till it's flush.
  4. Insert all bolts and tighten them. Keep the ring flush with the edge of the VAT.
  5. The FEP sheet is now locked in place.
  • Step 2
  1. Tighten corner bolts till secured
  2. Tighten all other bolts till secured
  3. Ready, your film is tight like a high-pitched drum now!
2: Let it drip When you place your FEPVAT on its side it sits at an angle so all resin will drip out. The wall is formed in such a way that resin always drips out in the center. 3: Let it pour We incorporated a spout to make pouring resin from the FEPVAT as easy and clean as possible. 4: Stack them Of course they are stackable! 5: A VAT with a view We sloped the side walls and lowered part of the front wall. Now you can peek easier and earlier. And it's a great place to scrape your dripping plastic spatula clean

Package contents

  • 1 FEPVAT - 3D printed
  • 1 Ring to secure FEP Sheet
  • 22 M4 Screws to secure the ring


  • Due to the changes that manufacturers do in the 3D printers, before buying check if the part is compatible with the version of your 3D printer
  • If you have a question about the spare part contact us



Product specifications

Brand FEPshop
Product State New
Promo title Discount
Country Of Origin The Netherlands
Part Types Resinvat
Machine Serie Wanhao D
Machine Model Wanhao D7
Product Size (WxDxH) 175mm x 115mm x 25mm
Product Weight (g) 123.00

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