Creality CR-5 Pro

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Creality CR-5 Pro is an FFF 3D printer that comes with a large print size and is recommended for industrial prototyping. 

  • Industrial Accuracy Desktop 3D Printer
  • Industrial-Grade Components
  • Reliable Single Extrusion
  • Stability Enhanced
SKU 94494
Brand Creality
Industries Other, Manufacturing, Prototyping
Technologies FDM

Product description

Creality CR-5 Pro is a 3D printer working in FFF/FDM technology and delivers industrial accuracy. CR-5 Pro is a reliable single extrusion 3D printer. Ideal for industrial use or for general prototyping. 

  • industrial production - because of a wide range of materials, and great quality, CR-5 Pro delivers results for all professionals and consumers
  • stability enhanced with firm structure - structural stability guaranteed by sheet metal chamber body, less wobbling, and higher stability during printing
  • large print size
  • performance strengthed by inustrial-grade components - ATMEGA2560 master chip ensures high reliability
  • safety is guaranteed with branded power supply
  • newly designed nozzle - for feeding in filaments smoothly and steadily
  • more material choices - nozzle temperature up to 250°C and hotbed temperature up to 100°C
  • exact accuracy on prints - equipped with a precise transmission system CR-5 Pro achieves 100-micron layer resolution
  • filament runout sensor and resume printing function
  • better bed adhesion - carborundum glass platform

Technical Specification

  • Modeling Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Print Size: 300x225x380mm
  • Layer Height: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Filaments: PLA
  • File Format: STL/OBJ/AMF
  • Machine Size: 530x487x612mm
  • Machine Weight: 32.5kg
  • Nominal Voltage: 115/230V
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Power: 350W


Product specifications

Brand Creality
Product State New
Promo title Discount
Country Of Origin China
3D Printer Types Filament Printers
Build size Medium
Machine Serie Creality CR
Machine Model CR-5 Pro
3D Printer Application Other, Manufacturing, Prototyping
Technology FDM
Expert level Advanced
Product application Education, Hobby, Prototyping
Nozzle Diameter (mm) 0.4
Compatible Filament (mm) 1.75
Product Size (WxDxH) 530mm x 487mm x 612mm
Manufacturer EAN 715235125410
Product Weight (g) 32500.00
Minimal layer height (microns) 100.00
Build volume width (mm) 300.00

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