MonoCure 3D Platebond

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Monocure 3D PLATEBOND™ is a UV cured build plate adhesion promoter. It is designed to help 3D printed resin parts adhere to the build plate. This can be used in conjunction with Monocure 3D resin or with other photopolymer resin systems. This product is designed to work with 3D printing applications where UV light is used to cure resin layer by layer.

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Monocure 3D Platebond™ APPLICATION

Open the twist top dispenser and squeeze a small line of Platebond across one end of the build plate. Use a gloved finger, paint scraper or spatula to smear the product across the entire build-plate surface. The Platebond will combine with the first two base layers of resin and help the 3D model adhere to the build plate thanks to the advanced formulation. The printed part can be removed from the build plate with your normal, preferred method. This product is safe to use and highly recommended before every print. It's always important to follow the safety and technical information before use.


Monocure 3D Platebond - Build Plate Resin Adhesion Promoter is available in UV safe 30ml twist top dispensers.

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SKU 17611


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